Loosing our parents felt like we had lost everything .Our friends stayed in school yet we were forced to stay home because no one stood in the gap to pay for us school fees. Having at least a meal a day was our daily prayer to the Almighty because he was our only hope. We remember praying for replacements and and asking God to even at least reunite us with our parents because life felt extremely empty and hopeless .

With lost hope for good ,we saw the Lord answer our prayer through kamusenene children’s foundation .Education that we looked at as a privilege was brought close to us just like that ,we prayed for  a meal a day but we received beyond our prayer ,the love we sought for from our parents we must say we now have in plenty.

we almost gave up on life but God opened a door .we are grateful for this children’s foundation and pray and thank God for the answered prayer .

The best we prayed for the best we have received and we are grateful .

Kamusenene Children Foundation

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