#Uganda Slapped With a Second Lockdown from 19/06/2021

After about 11 days since the Presidential Address aired where the President instructed all schools to close and all children to go back home due to the skyrocketing of Covid-19 cases in the country, He addressed the nation again yesterday on 18th June 2021 and locked the whole country for 42 days beginning today. All businesses in Kampala city have been halted, all cars both private and public are suspended other than those driving cargo and sick people. Curfew has been reduced from 21 hours to 19 hours and inter-district travels have been halted. This has left many Ugandans in confusion because many are saying they should have been warned before a lockdown was put in place. People literally have no food and businesses had just started recovering from the 2020 lockdown that took over 8 months. All the sectors have been affected especially the education and health sector. Our heartfelt condolences for those that have lost their loved ones, and those that have patients, we pray for healing and send love all over the world. Let us follow the SOPs, we shall come out as winners, and may the Almighty God be with you all!

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