KCF is a non-profit Community-Based Organization (CBO) in Kamusenene-Buluya town council, Kasanda district, Central Uganda which thrives to eliminate poverty in communities and nurture a Christian based life so that they grow with great wisdom of the Word of God to manifest throughout their life in all things they do.

We also empower vulnerable children to become entrepreneurs through teaching them skills like farming, brick making pottery, art and craft skills. Caring about the wellbeing of these children is at the heart of our work. Many children growing up in poverty face a lot of challenges like hunger, social discrimination, limited access to proper health services, housing and education among others, but with your support, we can mitigate these challenges.
With your collective help, we can transform these children into productive, healthy and happy individuals who shall later be major influencers to their community, country and the world at large.


We provide orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children with basic needs, scholastic materials, healthcare, rent fee and safe water. We work to extend access to services that protect vulnerable children.


To realize a world in which every child has access to basic needs, education, medical health, entrepreneurial skills and other resources to realise their potential as children.


To foster vulnerable children through providing a Christian, healthy, fair, safe and moral start in life.

What Sets Us Apart:
● Great children humanitarian concerns
● Promotion of Christian and family
oriented solutions
● Local expertise combined with
international knowledge

Core Values:   
● Christianity 
● Empathy
● Partnership 
● Integrity 
● Respect

● Farming
● Nutrition 
● Christian teaching
● Physical and mental health
● Quality academic enrichment
● Social action and engagement 
● Women empowerment

Policy Priorities:
● Child poverty
● Child health
● Education 
● Child welfare 
● Early Christian childhood development