We work towards women empowerment to secure lives of children.

Entrepreneurship can be an effective means to create employment and empower women.

Empowering women is key not only to the well-being of individuals, families and rural communities, but also to overall local and national economic growth.

Women make up 52.2 percent of the labor force and are an important pool of potential talent to help Uganda meet its development goals especially in the areas of entrepreneurship hence developing a supportive environment for women is important for their success.

However, it is generally known that women face more challenges than men in starting, managing and growing their enterprises due to lack of the necessary capacities, skills and resources.


Demand for domestic responsibilities on women’s time, cultural norms, and attitudes about women’s roles in our society leaves women more disadvantaged compared to men in areas of business and explains one of the reasons for only 13 percent of working women in formal employment, compared to 27.9 percent of working men (UBOS, 2013).

our approach

Considering all the numerous challenges women face and provide alternative solutions to empower them socially and economically by accessing them with resources and opportunities through women training in areas of business, saving and financial literacy.

Skill training and financial education alone isn’t sufficient as majority of women lack confidence and belief in their abilities of being good entrepreneurs.

Our role is to come up with services that strategically bring partnership, market their products and network for the good of their development.

Implement actions to raise awareness in the community about women entrepreneurship as a key factor for the development of families since women do invest in their communities.

 Income generated by their small business can provide for the families, improve on food insecurity, use some of the money to educate their children etc. Hence women entrepreneurs build resilience through their income-generating sustainable businesses.