Children in Uganda on a daily basis face challenges of malnutrition, limited access to education, health care, deprived of shelter and highly exposed to crime.


Uganda has a high rate of child poverty with more than 50 percent of children under 5 years live in poverty.

Child poverty in this context is deprivation of two or more in food, nutrition, water, shelter, health and even information.


The degree of child poverty varies from families to communities buts worse in villages most especially where house heads are un educated, families with orphans or with adopted children.


We are working with orphans in our community where we housing them in a rented shelter Children’s Home (orphanage) and their diet is improved hence fighting the risks of malnutrition.


Both the children who are orphans or vulnerable either in our orphanage and those at their respective home are accessing education as a tool to tackle poverty and also we empower vulnerable children to become entrepreneurs through teaching them skills like farming, brick making, pottery, art and craft skills.